Our Philosophy

One product, and one honest intention. This is how the C Lab & Co story began. That product was our signature 330g coffee scrub – the largest and only coffee scrub in a tub that was available on the market. And the intention? To create clean, 100% natural, vegan-friendly skincare products for all people.

Designed to give a little bit of love to common skin imperfections

It was 2015 and the world was on the verge of its wellness awakening, gravitating towards natural, clean products for both inside and outside of the body. C Lab & Co consciously chose to be a part of this community, with a simple, effective formula and no more than 10 or less (ingredients) – all vegan friendly. Each product was designed to give a little bit of love to common skin imperfections; targeting cellulite, stretch marks, dry and rough skin.

Over the years our range has expanded to a considered edit of essential products to take you through your entire shower routine – and to complement your clean lifestyle. No product is unnecessary, and no ingredients are necessary either. Just simple, all natural products that work. We’ve stayed true to our intention so your life can be cleaner, and simpler too.

It wasn’t long before the C Lab & Co word got out, whispers of its effectiveness travelling overseas and reaching the ears of Hollywood. Not even a year after launch we were personally invited to be a part of the 2016 Academy Awards gifting suite, our coffee scrub being taken home by Hollywood’s elite. But this is only part of the story, because what really makes us what we are is our community of C Lab & Co lovers. Every age, race and gender, every person who wants to feel good – there is a C Lab & Co product for you.

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